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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 21, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the car with fogged-up windows. police say 25-year-old teacher mark hyzer, jr., was inside, having sex with a 15-year-old boy he met online. >> she thought it was very suspicious. and she called the police. and the police went in. and within 10 minutes, they were there. >> hyzer lives in baltimore. administrators placed him on leave after an arrest. >> even though there is an arrest made, we will continue that investigation and follow up on the interview. whether or not he's been here. no indications of that at this point. >> the teacher told police the boy looked like a very young 18- year-old. and he tried to verify his age through his online profile. he says the boy also sent him a text message that said he was 18. charging documents reveal a variety of sex acts they reveal. >> and the car immediately started. turned on their lights. but the officer blocked the car
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from moving. and within another couple of minutes had passed, another car came from behind and blocked him in. >> and when you call in something suspicious, you never know what it's going to lead to. and in this case, we're hoping that a 15-year-old, who is subjected to sexual acts with an adult. >> police say hyzer confessed to having fex. he is being held on a a half million bond. >> and police are not able to tell us what website the two met on. >> hyzer faces a maximum of 45 years in jail if convicted. police arrested 22-year-old lawrence king and charged him with having sex with a 14-year- old girl. police found him last night in a car behind an abandoned store. they told police they met on my
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space several months ago. they say they have gotten together several times. grand jury just returned the indictment against antonio martinez. they said martinez tried to blow up a bomb. the bomb was actually a dud provided by the fbi. if convicted, martinez is facing 20 years to life in prison. we're learning new information about the man killed in an east side fire over the weekend. vic is in the newsroom with a look at what may have happened in the final moments of this man's life. vic? >> well, mary, we're hearing that ellison mccall may have been killed by his neighbors. he died in a home fire. now, our media partners report that mccall may have been followed home from a club and then beaten before he was set on fire. mccall is the first person to die in an arson in baltimore since 2006. mary, back to you.
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>> all right, vic. thank you. mccall just moved to baltimore in the past year. a very uncertain future for horse racing in maryland. now, the maryland racing commission is trying to clear up that picture. wjz is live at laurel park. pat warren tells us, they still aren't sure what live racing will look like in 2011. >> good evening, kai. good evening, everybody. that picture just got a whole lot muddier. once again, track owners presented a proposal. once again, it contained a poison pill that the racing commission refused to swallow. >> what happens to horse racing in maryland. the tone in today's racing commission hearing, trumpets the demise of anything resembling good will between track owners and maryland horsemen. >> they're going to run through the preakness. and they want simulcast approval through the preakness. and then they're going to close in or reserve the right to close down. they want the preakness. i bet they do. because it's a huge cash cow
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for them. and they're holding everybody else hostage for what they want. and that's the preakness. >> reporter: a proposal from the track owner's, m.i. development. requires the horsemen to pony up $1.7 million. and lobby changes that will benefit the track. in exchange for 147 days of live racing. no agreement means no live racing after may 31st. the preakness. it's an option, owner frank stronack says he has to exercise, if the tracks continue to lose money. >> we only put monies in. we haven't taken anything. i haven't taken a single dollar out of maryland, tracy, okay? and i can prove that, black and white. look. we won't find an answer if you start excusing me. i haven't put a single dollar out. i only put monies in. >> reporter: but if he claimed to be broke then, he is certainly broke now. the commission refused to
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approve the proposal, and they will be going to the governor to ask that the state seize the track under imminent domain. back to you. >> governor martin o'malley just sent us, here at wjz, the statement, to continue working on a deal to save live horse racing in maryland. two towson businesses damaged by an early morning fire. it started in a chiropractor's office. then it spread to a bridal shop next door. you can see the damage left behind in the flames. luckily, nobody was injured. investigators are still trying to figure out what started that fire. new at 5:00. a hunter is found dead in a tree stand in howard county. natural resources police found the man's frozen body this afternoon. in the patuxent river state park. the man went hunting for deer yesterday morning. and his family got worried when they hadn't heard from him. police think he may have had a medical, emergency. we're still working to get the hunter's name.
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>> the official census results are in, and maryland won't lose any seats in congress. the state has about 5.7 million people. and that is up about half a million from the last count a decade ago. since there wasn't much change, we'll keep our house. overall, there are 308 million in the country. the biggest growth was in the south, while the most people left the midwest. >> it is the first day of winter. and it feels like it. let's take a live look outside. it's been a tad milder across central maryland. but a look on the bright side, where it's not snowing right now. wjz is here now. bob turk and bernadette woods are here with a look inside. we'll see clouds from time to time. looks like we'll stay dry, though. take a look at radar. around the temperatures had dropped a little bit. but we did get up to 42 degrees today. we're down to 34 now, which has been pretty typical in the month of december. west winds at 5. barometer holding steady.
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but way out to the west, this is what may impact our weather this weekend. with more on that, bernadette woods joins me. >> well, that's even ahead of the center of the storm. so it's not even onshore yet. but the storm that is making its way onshore is what we're looking at for this weekend now. what everybody is asking us about. and this is what we can tell you right now. since yesterday, we're growing more confident that something is going to happen, christmas weekend. however, looks like the timing may be pushed back a little bit, to late saturday into sunday. the other thing, too, looks like something white will come out of the sky. during the time, though, the amounts. we will keep you updated as we head through the week. >> okay, bernadette. thank you. no good deed goes unpunished. that's what some men learned after saving a deer from the froze know patapsco river. wjz is live in annapolis. weijia jiang tells us, they will still have to pay a fine. >> on our website alone, more
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than 1,000 people posted comments in response to this story. a lot of them angry those tickets were ever given. the head of police says the officer did nothing wrong. and that those two men should be glad they're not in jail. >> when two men braved an icy patapsco river, strangers applauded the deed. >> we have seen it go under. it started to freeze and was getting bad. >> reporter: 33-year-old khalil abussacara. went there. >> we had horses and shovels and trying to break the ice for the deer to get it out. >> authorities say their efforts were against the law. >> they gave each of the rescuers a ticket for $90. it's a move the head of department strongly defends. >> our officers are trained to handle situations such as this. unfortunately, the citizenry are not. >> they responded as caring individuals and we understand that. >> but with our message is that
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we are responsible for public safety. >> the citation was issued because there were no flotation devices on the raft. he said the alternative was jail time. but hart says that was never expressed. >> they could have grabbed that and said no. but no, they let us go out numerous times, knew what we was doing. >> they fought just like they fought to save a life. >> the superintendent says deer often end up in the water can and they're often good swimmers. two men tell us if they were in the same position, they wouldn't change a thing. we're live in annapolis. the men are scheduled to appear in court in february. >> still ahead at 5:00. terror threat times two. the explosive situations that have europeans on high alert tonight. thousands of dollars, stolen from a northeast baltimore church.
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now, parishes all across the city are beefing up their security this holiday season. i'm andrea fujii. is that story is just ahead on eyewitness news. you all continue to keep up the good work. all right? >> giving back. the simple way the ravens are making the holidays happier for people all around maryland. and will we have a white christmas? bob is tracking the chance of snow in your updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stepped up security. screeners started randomly checking bags on two metro stations. they're looking for explosives and other dangerous items. they take less than a minute,
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but not all passengers like the idea. >> i would rather that they just not be partial. don't look at one particular person or particular people. and think that they're the ones when it could be any of us. >> there are no specific threats against metro systems. the two men have already been arrested this year for plotting to bomb the subway. >> passengers can refuse the inspection. but they're not allowed to take on the subway. the latest scare today in rome. charlie d'agata reports for wjz on the subway scare. >> italian police cordoned often a subway station on the outskirts of rome after finding a bomb. a conductor discovered the device under a seat. one reported it as a black box, with wiring, tubes and gun powder. they are examining the device. they say the package was a bomb
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but was missing a triggering device. police say it looks like an incomplete bomb in the making. >> security at major cities across europe has been stepped up. with growing concerns about a terror attack during the holiday season. the discovery of the explosive device in rome comes a day after officers arrested 12 terror suspects in britain. >> he targeted christmas shoppers as a wave of suicide attacks in london. >> scotland yard says it's too early into the investigation to share any details. but british intelligence officials confirm the alleged plot appears to be substantial. like the houses of parliament and shopping areas. some of the suspects arrested are believed to be part of an islamic group that are now banned. >> under british law, police have four weeks to either charge the men or release them.
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in london, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> european officials step up security around the holidays. but they're on each higher alert about the possible attack. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with christy bredz lip. -- kristy breslin. still a busy ride out there. we have an accident out there now. with traffic backed up. park heights avenue to perring parkway. average speed about 30 miles an hour. 95 to liberty road. as far as 95 itself goes, in the northbound direction, from the harbor tunnel to the beltway. and southbound 95. still heavy there from whitemarsh to the northeast corner. as far as accidents go. west north at fulton. and bel air road.
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now, let's take a live look, at the north side providence road. and right in the middle of the delay. this traffic report is brought to you by comcast xfinity. call and ask about the trip will play for the best on tv, on demand, and online. >> santa is getting help from a few special elves. members of the baltimore ravens spread cheer and gifts through our community today. >> quarterback joe flacco made a surprise appearance. >> if we didn't win, i'll let you know what we've done wrong. >> it's always good to come see people and try to raise their spirits a little bit. and just get them going. >> defensive tackle. who caught the game-winning interception. cory redding. >> ray rice and other players brought a special player -- celebration.
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as part of the annual program, the gift of giving. >> these kids work hard. they've had perfect attendance. they're working hard in school. and that's all you want. and you want to of a re -- to have a reward for hard work. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: santa also visited in phoenix, maryland. students were given presents. and treated to a special lunch at a holiday musical performance. ♪ jingle bell sing ♪ and jingle bells ring ♪ now the jingle house has begun ♪ >> they know all of the words. i am so proud of them. at another one, tj houshmandzadeh gave out food. tune in at 1:00 sunday to see baltimore take on the cleveland browns. as soon as the game is over, be sure to stick around for reaction on the ravens' post
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game show. with mark, marty and the bulldogs. wjz is your home for ravens football on sunday. >> congratulations to those young people. and very hard work. well done. >> they all had great attendance and had good grades. so that's great. >> sunday might be a good day to stay in and watch football. >> yes, bob. >> i can see some snow this weekend. talk about that in a minute. let's take a look at temps right now. just in time for christmas. what else could you ask for? 34 now. west/southwest winds at 5. barometer holding steady. come back and look at the mid and end-of-the-week forecast after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you were sleeping in the middle of the night, here's what you missed. a total lunar eclipse. at one point it even gave off a glow. click on photo galleries for some great shots. moon as it fades away. >> uh-huh. and people in other parts
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didn't get a great view of the eclipse. of those clouds. and because of the clouds. >> the sky was crystal clear. our own bob turk was up for it. that's kind of what it looked like, bob. >> one of the reasons it's that beautiful color, it's very close to the horizon. so we're getting the pollutants. and some of the atmospheric changes. but later on, it will just become -- looks like a regular moon. last night, it was totally clear. around midnight. a bag of clouds. turned out to be a perfect night. now, that particular event is not that rare. but the fact that it happened on the first day of winter, the winter solstice, didn't happen, hasn't happened since 1639. it won't happen again until 2094. that's how rare those two events happened together. hope you got a chance to see it. >> right now, have a few clouds in the region. no precip around.
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42, 26 today. not a bad day. 44, 26 is the average. and the record, 61 and 5. right now, down to 34. 35 at ocean city. and a chilly, 23 once gan in oak -- again in oakland. winds have calmed down. generally to the west and southwest, now around 4, 5, 6 miles an hour. this system that is coming into california tonight and is more out in the ocean there. this is really causing more heavy rain and snow again. this is going to slowly move across the country. we feel sometime by the end of the week. it's going to be around nebraska maybe. and kansas. and missouri. head off to the east. one of the models has it down to the south and up the east coast. another has it due east across our region. and that will make a huge difference in how much moisture this storm can gather, how strong it gets, and how much -- eventually how much precipitation we may get here in the mid-atlantic region, saturday, late in the day, and again on sunday. we're talking christmas day, and on sunday.
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this weekend, there is certainly a risk that we will see some snow in our region this weekend. how much? i can't tell you. it may pass to the south. it may just end up with some flurries. but if one of the models is correct. it may come up the east coast, and give us a pretty good dump of snow late saturday and sunday. we'll just keep tracking it for you. northwest winds on the bay tomorrow. up to 50 knots. but the small craft advisory is only until 2:00. winds will be dying down. bay temp around 36 degrees. tonight, we're looking for partly cloudy skies. there are a few clouds out there. 22 by morning. and tomorrow, sun and some clouds. upper 30s to maybe topping out again in the low 40s. as i said, we got to 42 today. hasn't been that warm for about 8 or 10 days. so 41 and 42 feels pretty dead, compared to 31 and 32. tomorrow won't be a terrible day. won't be that windy either. >> thank you.
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starting may 1st, your social security check, for those of you who receive it, will no longer be in the mail. instead, the checks will be sent electronically, with recipients getting it through debit. those over 90 can still choose to receive a check. and exceptions will be made for those in rural areas. new clues in the search for a missing maryland native. her troubled past that has many worried for her safety. i'm ron matz in dundalk, where the christmas shoe box program brightens the holidays, for sailors from other countries. the story coming up right here on wjz. a show stopper
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it's 5:29. 34 degrees and partly cloudy in central maryland. good evening. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. catholic churches are beefing up security measures after thousands of dollars are stolen from a northeast baltimore parish. andrea fujii tells us why it's the time for thieves to strike. nearly $6,000 of cash and checks were stolen.
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>> that's awful. that's awful. >> inside of the church. that's awful. >> the burglar may have used a ladder to get into a second floor office window and then open the safe. >> the church has an alarm. but it's not clear it's always on at the time. what is clear is the safe was not locked. >> the archdiocese of baltimore is now reminding parishes to remain vigilant, especially during the holidays, when there can be more money on hand. >> we have very strict policies and procedures in place. making sure there isn't a lot of money in the parishes themselves and when we do collect it, it's immediately counted and deposited. >> residents say sadly, they're not surprised. >> usually, around this time of year, something tragic happens. and you gotta be real careful. >> it's terrible. this day and age. >> reporter: a grim reminder that churches are vulnerable to crime, too. >> it won't deter us in what we're doing to help the poor and to help the people we serve. >> reporter: the stolen checks
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were canceled and the remaining $1400 will be covered by insurance. reporting in northeast baltimore, andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> there was a similar burglary at that same church more than a decade ago. police say they don't have any suspects yet in this case. a las vegas dancer with ties to baltimore is still missing. and now police have some new information regarding her disappearance. vic has the latest. >> the mother of debbie flores navayes, received a disturbing text from her daughter shortly before she disappeared. the text message said, devote, f in case there is ever an emergency with me, contact blue griffith in vegas. griffith was her ex-boyfriend. she was apparently going to his house when she vanished on december 12th. police say they have haven't found any evidence of foul play. >> she may have left on her own. however, we're taking this and treating it very seriously. at this point, we're going to
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look at every aspect into this investigation as if there was foul play. but at this point, we haven't found any indication of foul play. >> according to a police report, griffith was arrested for assaulting navayes, who was pregnant with his child, in october. the two were dating at the time. it is not clear if she is still pregnant. currently, police have not named griffith as a suspect in her disappearance. >> thank you. nevayes is a former redskins cheerleader. and according to her facebook page, she grad -- graduated from the university of baltimore. it's life in prison for the waldorf man who tried to kill his girlfriend. a shooting left his girlfriend disabled. prosecutor says martin was angry with his girlfriend, because she refused to have an an abortion. the judge threw a book at martin, after he wrote a letter from jail, trying to have another person connected to the case, killed. the white house says it will soon check off another item on its christmas wish list. approval of a major arms treaty
5:33 pm
with russia. wit johnson reports for week, that enough republican senators are going to vote for it, making approval likely tomorrow. >> reporter: president obama worked hard to win over enough republicans to make a nuclear arms treaty with russia. and it paid off. he now has the gop votes he needs. >> i think the president would admit that he spent more time reaching out to republicans recently than in previous times. >> reporter: president obama and russia's president signed the treaty in april. it would reduce the maximum number of strategic nuclear warheads each country is allowed by about a third. at least 10 republicans have now agreed for it. >> i'm convinced that americans are safer and more secure with the new start treaty than without it. >> reporter: but several top republicans are weighing in against the treaty. they say it doesn't do enough to make sure russia keeps its end of the bargain. >> reporter: republicans are also concerned that the treaty
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could create obstacles for a missile defense system. >> i think i don't understand why the russians don't want to reopen the treaty. they've told us, take it or leave it. and my response to my russian friends is i choose to leave it at this time. >> it's clear with this treaty that they're trying to cram something else down the throats of the american people. >> a final vote in the senate could happen on wednesday. in washington, whit johnson, wjz, eyewitness news. >> today's vote is the latest in a string of bipartisan victories in the senate, including a repeal of don't ask, don't tell, and a tax cut compromise. a new study shows thousands of military fail exams each year. 23% of recent high school graduates don't get the minimum test score needed to join the military. this comes on top of pentagon data that shows 75%. those aged 17 to 24 don't qualify for the military
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because they are physically unfit, have a criminal record, or didn't graduate from high school. fcc is predicting web traffic. known as net trutrealt. -- neutrality. it prohibits phone companies from favoring or discriminating against internet content and services such as those from rivals. the rules are likely to face intense scrutiny on capitol hill, once republicans take over the house. a new study tonight finds more than a half million americans, age 25 to 29, live in householding with cell-- households with cell phones. but no traditional land line. the younger children are -- the likelier they are to live in homes that only have wireless homes. the figures provided today show how young people are leading the nation away from land line phones. toyota has agreed to pay a record $32 million. that's on top of the $16
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million the automaker paid u.s. authorities in april. transportation officials fought toyota for not alerting them of defects sooner. in all, toyota issued 14 recalls last year, affecting 10 million cars worldwide. hundreds of lives -- people's lives -- hundreds of people die, every year, rather, in maryland, in drunk driving accidents. thousands more are changed forever. adam may is at, where we need your help to tell the story of the dangers of drunk driving. as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz and checkpoint strike force are joining together, reminding everyone to use a designated driver or call a cab if you go out and drink. a poor decision can last a lifetime. if your life has been touched by drinking and driving we'd like you to share your story. just come here to and send us your comments. click on the safe driver link. back to you. to take part in this program, go to, and scroll down the right-hand side of the page and click the safe
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driver section. it's next to the football challenge. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. more on a dutch company's billion dollar purchase on a columbia-based biotech firm. navy senior quarterback airs his thoughts about playing his final college game on thursday. and a look at some unusual holiday food traditions. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. a busy california mall is evacuated during a flash mob performance. nearly 5,000 holiday shoppers gathered around for a flash mob, organized by a local choir. flash mobs are a group of singers or dancers who are often recorded and then posted online. officials say there were reports of the floor and foundation moving around a bit, which spurd -- spurred the evacuation. nobody was injured. the mall has since been
5:38 pm
reopened. imagine spending the holidays, thousands of miles from home. that's what's happening for many ships. ron matz reports. the archdiocese of baltimore is reaching out to make sure those sailors have a happy holiday. >> reporter: 1300 gifts are piled high, at the stella maris, international seafarer center. sailors from around the world come here to feel at home. >> their contracts are anywhere from 4 to 10 month the. that's 4 to 10 months away from home and from their church. we simply provide them a smiling face and a little hospitality here when they visit the port of baltimore. >> reporter: the archdiocese has a special program for the holidays. gifts donated by parishes and other catholic organizations in baltimore. >> this time of the year, we run a shoe box program, where we get shoe boxes filled with toiletries and cards and candies and things that the seafarers can use on board ship. >> reporter: they can also come to the center for basic
5:39 pm
services, including telephones and computers. >> they can, you know, check their e-mail. use skype to call back home. see mom, dad, wife, kids. we have five phones currently that they can also use to call home. >> reporter: a home away from home for those from far away polices -- places. a special delivery for the holidays. >> that we then deliver to the seafarers on board ship. just to give him a little gift this time of year and make sure they know they're not forgotten. >> reporter: ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> about 500 sailors will receive those gifts over the next two weeks. orioles star, nick markakis and his wife christina help make the holidays brighter for one holiday family. with the help of the orioles bird, they took a local mom and her four children on a christmas shopping spree at target. obviously very popular with her kids. they were with the samuel f.b. morris elementary school. >> it's a blessing.
5:40 pm
blessing. i couldn't afford it this year. and it's a blessing. give back, give back to the community, give back to the kids. and we're coming out here, looking to have a fun day and go out there and shop. >> the shopping spree was coordinated through the orioles' reach program. and the right side foundation. still ahead on eyewitness news. a very close call. how this truck ended up inside a family's house. also, rescued from raging waters. the dramatic effort to save people at the west coast gift, soaked with more rain. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. tracking possible christmas snow. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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you don't decide when vegetables reach the peak of perfection. the vegetables do. at green giant, we pick vegetables only when they're perfect. then freeze them fast so they're are as nutritious as fresh. [ green giant ] ho ho ho. ♪ green giant everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. wild weather in southern california. they have already seen record rainfall. and the worst is far from over. kendis gibson has the latest on the dramatic storm effort. >> relentless storms are keeping rescue crews busy in southern california. in orange county, a father hugged has son, after the hiker was trapped overnight, three
5:44 pm
friends in the cleveland national forest. >> >> oon been worrisome. but they seem to be okay. >> fast-rising water washed out the road. >> we made nine rescues in 14 hours. and luckily, they all turned out okay. >> reporter: a san diego rescued three men trapped in their car. overnight crews used traps. as daylight broke, animal rescue crews helped pull 35 horses forecasters expect the worst to come tonight. >> this the be something else. we're talking about thunder, lightning, 3 to 8 inches of rain. >> they're worried the rains will send mudslides. >> thomas burrows saw mud damage his home after storms damaged in february. >> this rain gives me a lot to
5:45 pm
worry about. i have to worry about all that protection over there is going to be in place. and i have to worry we aren't going to get stuff coming down where the hill was burned. >> the storms have already knocked down trees or power to thousands. los angeles has seen nearly six inches of rain. more than a third. kendis gibson, cbs news, la canada, california. >> more than 25,000 drivers called triple a for help in the last 24 hours. that is a record number of calls for triple a in southern california. well, it's the first day of winter and relatively calm here in maryland. you can't complain when it's sunny and clear. but will it stay that way. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are updating your forecast. >> of course it won't. this is the weather in maryland. what we're expecting for tomorrow, still relatively calm. partly to mostly cloudy skies as we start out the day. and we're going be to in the 20s tomorrow afternoon.
5:46 pm
highs close to 38 degrees. now, tomorrow night, we start to drop under partly cloudy skies. still relatively calm through the middle part of the week. things change. for more now on that, here's bob. that's when we're looking at that storm coming into the west coast. pretty good likelihood, somebody in our region will see snow on saturday afternoon or night. and again sunday. 36, 24. 32, 20. the temperatures are just about right for snow. and we could see anything from flurries to accumulating snow by later in the weekend. we'll keep tracking it for you as things develop during this particular week. >> and snowy conditions in europe continue to cause troubles for thousands of airline passengers. frank 40 -- frankfurt was closed for several hours. officials say they have probably had to cancel more than 300 flights today. officials expect harsh winter
5:47 pm
weather to ground flights across northern europe for the next several days. rescue teams worked through the night after a powerful earthquake topped several buildings. the 6.5 magnitude quake trapped dozens more under rubble. the crews say everyone is now accounted for. according to reports, 33 people are being treated for injuries and many more have been left homeless. >> a delivery turns dangerous in england, when a supermarket truck goes crashing into a home. police say a little girl was sleeping just a few feet from where the truck landed. no one was hurt. she's okay. officials were blaming icy roads for the crash. an aerial stunt goes horribly wrong during a broadway show. and it's caught on tape. it happened during a musical. crews say the actor's harness snapped. he fell about 30 feet from a platform into an open pit. luckily, he only suffered minor injuries.
5:48 pm
despite the injuries. the show will resume tonight. lindsay lohan is being investigated for alleged misdemeanor battery. investigation stems from an incident that police responded to, december 12th, and the staffer is pursuing charges. deputies are still looking into the case and have made no arrests. >> hundreds of people in prague met up to settle their differences. their weapon of choice, a pillow. take a look. as tourists and locals gathered for a good, old-fashioned pillow fight. the battle organized on facebook lasted only about three minutes. a few smaller skirmishes lasted a few. it is hard to stop a pillow fight, once you start. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. vic is standing by live with a preview for us. good news for wine lovers. soon, you may be able to get a glass of your favorite red or white without leaving the
5:49 pm
house. teen pregnancies at an all- time low. and the reason may surprise you. check in for more on the day's breaking news at 6:00. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. battling a cold? the one common remedy you won't want to reach for because it doesn't work as well as you think. also ahead, a ravens rookie does his part in the push for
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breaking news in north carolina. a s.w.a.t. team has surrounded charlotte. this is a live look outside at the scene at the abc affiliate there. police say at least one shot has been fired. it's not clear if anyone was hurt. police have evacuated the building and the station is off the air. the person with the gun is still inside. we'll keep following the story for you, bringing you any developments. two games to go for the ravens. and they need one more to clench a play-off spot. sports director mark viviano joins us. mark, how healthy is the team this weekend? >> that's a question a lot of teams are asking. now, the ravens are hoping to
5:53 pm
have veteran tight end todd heap, back in time for sunday's game when they play at cleveland. heap has missed three games with a hamstring. and that's opened the door for rookie ed dixon. made the most of it with its win. and i caught up with dixon. got his thoughts on the opportunity he has now to be part of the play-offs run. >> whatever game i play. whatever game i start, or every play i play, i get more and more experience. and the confidence level just goes out the roof. i mean, from the first game i played in the preseason to right now, i think my confidence level is at an all- time high. >> reporter: dixon tells me that todd heap is telling him it's the nfl. and we're going to see if it's dixon or heap. kickoff at 1:00. it will be followed by our special post game coverage. highlights and ravens reaction from cleveland. we'll have more on the ravens. plus, have we seen the last of
5:54 pm
brett favre. we've asked that question many times. and we're going to catch up with the basketball terps in college park. that's all ahead in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. >> all right, mark. thank you. in other news, the vatican sets the record straight. pope benedict does not back condom use. the vatican issued a statement saying that the pope never suggested condom use could be justified as a means to reduce pregnancy. but the pope said it could be used to help keep from hiv infection. but it was hard to tell if he was breaking with the church's hard-line on conception. the new study suggests the popular herbal remedy, echinacea, won't help you get better any time soon. they found the smallest possible benefit. about a half day shaved off a week-long cold. that could have happened by chance.
5:55 pm
pfizer is recalling 19,000 of the popular cholesterol drug lip tor, after receiving complaints about a bad smell. this is the fourth time they've had to recall the medicine in the past four months for a similar problem. outside suppliers seem to have caused the problem. and there don't seem to be problems connected with the smell. many don't see the link between indoor tanning and skin cancer. about 1 million american adults were diagnosed with skin cancer in 2009. and the number is on the rise. women are also three times more likely to use tanning salons than men. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. teacher in trouble. he's accused of having sex with a 15-year-old in a parked car. i'm mike hellgren. i'll tell you where hehe,,,,,,,,
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 6:00. it's no go again for maryland horse racing. i'm pat warren in laurel. where the state racing commission has denied a second proposal from laurel and pimlico track owners. >> sexual abuse allegations. parents speak out about the baltimore schoolteacher accused of sex acts with a local boy. and why passengers say security measures won't have their desired effect.
5:59 pm
and today marks the first day of winter. and it's actually the warmest day we've seen in a while. but is snow on the way? the first warning weather team is watching it closely. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz at 6:00 starts now. down the stretch, the uncertain fate of horse racing in maryland. >> tonight, the last-ditch efforts to save this important state industry. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm mary bubala, in for denise. here's what people are talking about tonight. maryland state leaders tried to salvage the 2011 horse racing season. wjz is live at la


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